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WebIT MAN News Weekly Update – Windows Phone Reborn, Google & Microsoft Event Announcements and More from Xiaomi

Yes, We loved it being a Windows 10 Mobile users in 2018 – We do Exist in this world. Windows Phone Reborn as Wileyfox Pro manufacturing starts again and it is up for sale on it’s website.

So if you love Windows Phone ecosystem you can go and grab before it goes out of stock again.

This was the main highlight of our coverage previous week, as with another weekend we are also here with the Weekly Update on WebIT MAN News.

After the Weekly Update previous Sunday we relieved the Apple Announcements from #AppleEvent see that below –

Microsoft Announces Surface Event for October 2 and Google also announces it’s Pixel Event on October 9, so upcoming month of October is full of excitement for us all.

Stay with us and we will provide you with all the news from the events.

We also covered teases for upcoming launches from Google Pixel 3 to Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and 8 Lite also.ย 
WebIT MAN Team also covered the updates for OnePlus 6 to Xiaomi Redmi 5.ย 

Then we also had the battle of the Year 2018 – Between iPhone XS Vs iPhone XR, read to know the real winner.

Huawie trolls Apple, Xiaomi Product launches and more were also shared, lets wrap it all with final roundup.

That’s all from the last week, we had a very hectic – Also missed to publish various articles.

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