TRAI DND App allowed in App Store, As Apple Gives up on the Battle - Know how to enable 'Do Not Disturb' on Apple Devices
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TRAI DND App allowed in App Store, As Apple Gives up on the Battle – Know how to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ on Apple Devices

Previously we came up with how Apple may loose it’s market in India, If they don’t allow TRAI DND App in App Store. Now Apple has lost the battle with TRAI and have finally allowed DND App in App Store.

Here you can read all about the tussle between TRAI & Apple – Apple’s iPhone May Loose Indian Market After TRAI Regulations Update

Now the matter has finally resolved with apple allowing TRAI’s app to go live on the App Store. It will be available on iOS devices with the latest version of the software. So Now that, Apple has allowed DND App and is available in Store you can go ahead and download it. The App is available with this name – ‘TRAI DND – Do Not Disturb’.

Now everyone asks how to enable DND on Apple Devices, Follow below steps & you are ready to go –

Get ‘TRAI DND-Do Not Disturb’ from Apple store and you will be guided through a three-step process to register for or modify your preferences and after that, you can start reporting offending text messages and calls by giving the app the necessary permission.

You need to follow three steps to register for DND
  • DND Registration: Sign up for DND
  • Enable the DND extension on your phone
  • Report spam via your message/phone app

After completing the steps, you can report pesky text messages straight from the Messages app. Various options will be visible like, “Report Message” or “Report all Messages” at the bottom when viewing SMS from numbers not already in your contact list.

One can also report telemarketing calls from within the Phone app.

It is expected that TRAI DND will help Indian users to curb unwanted spam calls and messages by reporting them to their respective telecom service provider (TSP).

What you think of this? Will TRAI’s DND really helpful? and will help you? Also share your views in comments and we will feature the best one.

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