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Top Privacy Concerns One Should Focus on the Data Privacy Day

So today we are celebrating Data Privacy Day. !! Data Privacy day is a day annually celebrated and efforts are made to promote Data Privacy Awareness.

We should also know the importance of protecting our Data as well as Privacy. There are so many privacy concerns & today we are going to highlight Top Privacy Concerns & Data Protection requirements.

A recent research from Quick heal reported how many Banking & financial apps in India were targeted with an Android malware.

It affected millions of people doing transactions using their smartphones.

Another survey from McAfee also illustrated just how far we have to go in these areas of protection against data and privacy.

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The Security provider McAfee surveyed 6,400 people globally to learn about how one handles as well as protects personal information. There are so many silver linings in the survey and as much as 80 % of those people have talked with their kids about online protection and safety. Also those revealed several serious issues regards to Data and Privacy.

We have mentioned out the 5 things one should concerned about their Data and Privacy!

  • People should know how to secure connected devices & Applications.

Its really tough to secure your data and privacy if you dont even know if your data is secured or not.

This is not just a computer or your laptop you have to worry about, its more importantly your Smartphones as well as tablets also devices like Holo Lens.

There are many more devices we have connected to internet such as the Thermostats or Robot vacuums are also connected on network.

All these have or contain your personal information as well as sensitive data.

But attackers do require a gaining access and we should know how to protect against these kind of apps on internet.

  • Many people dont change immediately change default passwords

Many websites or services provide us with default passwords, many of people around the world don’t change it.

Those can very easily be found as well as exploited by attackers. One should change the default passwords after logging in any of the services. We should also change username also if possible.

Data Privacy Day is all well and good. It is something you should actually be aware of and working on all around the year and not one day only. Worrying about your data and privacy once a year when Data Privacy Day rolls around is like doing pushups once a year on the day of your annual physical once a year on the day of your annual performance review.

If you aren’t actively working on data privacy all around the year, is really nothing you can do in one day.

Well i do get that you are not a techie to understand all these things and also not a professional. You are a simple user who connects to the network. Search for information on Bing or Google, shop on Flipkart/Amazon or Connect with people on Facebook or Twitter.

But you do require to have a regular efforts all around the year to keep your privacy and data protected.

Android Malware Hits Hundreds of Indian Banking And Financing Apps Says Quick Heal


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