Spectre Patches Now Shipping for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake & Skylake Chips by Intel
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Spectre Patches Now Shipping for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake & Skylake Chips by Intel

Starting from Year 2018, we’ve been updating and providing latest updates for Spectre & Meltdown Security flaws. Now Spectre Patches Now Shipping for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake & Skylake Chips by Intel. Spectre has two variants within namely – Variant I and Variant II.

The Meltdown security flaw, is considered to be Variant III & is in x86 space, affects only Intel CPUs.

This update is focused on Spectre Security flaws being taken care for Skylake, Kaby Lake & Coffee Lake chips.

A month after Intel had to yank certain fixes for causing crashes and reboots, the company is back with stable updates for the Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPU families.

In a recent blog post, Intel’s Navin Shenoy wrote:

       Intel has just released patches for Kaby Lake-H, S, X, and G, Kaby Lake Refresh U, Kaby Lake U, I, and U23E. It also strongly recommends keeping an eye out for UEFI updates, which is probably simpler than going nuts trying to figure out which precise Kaby Lake model you have.

Intel has also released a 14-page document to spell out exactly where it is in the production process for each CPU family. There’s too much data to present in image form, but here’s a representative page showing update schedules on some of Intel’s CPUs.

Well Seeing the updates, We’re glad that these patches are being done from the Intel. These are also critical to securing the PCs as Spectre is no Joke. At the same time, however, there’s some question as to whether Spectre can ever be considered “solved.”

It’s easy to think of these as patches that “fix” Spectre,

but the more accurate reading would be that Spectre is also a class of vulnerabilities and variants, and that we’ve fixed two of the ways it can attack. White hats are also going to be playing whack-a-mole on this for a very long time.

Latest from Meltdown as well as Spectre Security Flaw News

Here are some headlines from WebIT MAN about Spectre & Meltdown Security Patches vulnerability. Check back for updates!

Spectre And Meltdown Bugs affects Apple all iPhone and Mac Devices


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