Spectre And Meltdown Security Patches
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Spectre And Meltdown Security Patches by Apple, Google & Microsoft

Spectre and Meltdown Security patches are now being made available by various vendors, Such as Apple, Microsoft as well as Google. It is said that the fundamental vulnerability exists at the hardware level and cannot be patched. However, most vendors are releasing software patches that work around the problems.

The KAISER patch, developed coincidentally in 2017 to improve Linux security, actually has the side effect of preventing Meltdown attacks. Major cloud vendors have by and large patched their servers. Patches have already been rolled out by Intel, Microsoft, Apple as well as Google and more are on the way.

Since JavaScript in the browser is one particularly dangerous vector for Spectre attacks, it’s also important keep your browsers up to date.

Notably, older systems, particularly Windows XP, will almost certainly never be patched. Also left in the lurch are the millions of third-party, low-cost Android phones that don’t get security updates from Google, many of which are not particularly old.

When will my PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or browser get a patch for Meltdown and Spectre?

Microsoft Brings Surface Book 2 to all Surface Markets including IndiaAs of January 11th, Microsoft has released operating system patches for most versions of Windows from Windows 7 on, which also patch the company’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. The previous link also includes a roundup of links to firmware updates from hardware manufacturers. However, some AMD systems after downloading the patches did not restart, so those patches have been pulled for the moment.

Apple released patched versions of its macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating systems, as well as its Safari browser, on January 3rd.

Google released a list of which Chromebook models have been patched or won’t need a patch (most of them), which will be patched soon, and which are end-of-lifed and won’t see a patch.

Firefox has a patch that will be released on January 23rd, but is now available in beta.

Google’s Chrome browser has a patch that will be released on January 23rd. You can turn on the experimental Site Isolation feature in the meantime to protect yourself.

The multiplicity of Android handsets makes the question of whether your Android phone is or will be patched difficult to answer.

Most phones sold directly from Google or giants like Samsung are patched or will be, but many will not.

Latest from Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaw News

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