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Windows Insiders News Alert – Something MindBlowing is Coming to #WindowsInsider Soon™

Windows Insiders News Alert

Are you a #WindowsInsider or #MicrosoftFan as We at WebIT MAN are? 

If yes, then you must be aware of famous #WindowsInsider Program running from 2015 to enjoy the pre-release builds updates of Windows & their internal app updates.

It enable the Microsoft to gain feedback from current usage & app along with user-experience, features development in Windows 10.

Recently, some native apps of showing sign of preview for upcoming WindowsCore OS component with Polaris & Andromeda code name under development for upcoming new category of Surface.

         Some insiders are also reporting availability of native UWP apps with new program for Insiders. It is not yet announced by Microsoft or Insider team head.

But surely something is heading toward #WindowsInsider as hinted by Microsoft head for Insider Program @DonaSarkar in her latest tweet.

Some sites are reporting of accidental release of Photos update that is on par with Windows 10 PC update. But that may be not the case, as in our opinion Microsoft is preparing something in the background (May be something for WindwosCore OS for Polaris & Andromeda devices) and WebIT MAN also received that update in one of our Lumia 950XL which shows it is intentional release for testing out the WindowsCore OS and testing the reliability of Apps before public rolling out of long-awaited rumoured devices.

Please look into it in below screenshots..

Visit to view complete Screenshots - WebIT MAN

As you may find above some hints via app updates as well as tweets, something MindBlowing is coming for #WindowsInsiders. So stay tuned for more news from WebIT MAN and comment your views on the upcoming App-Insiders program from Microsoft.

Windows Insiders News Alert – Something MindBlowing is Coming to #WindowsInsider Soon™

Take all these news with pinch of salt until not officially announced by Microsoft.

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