Skype Video Call Record Feature rolls out to Mobile & Desktops, Expect Windows 10 Users
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Skype Video Call Record Feature rolls out to Mobile & Desktops, Expect Windows 10 Users

Skype promised that it will soon allow users to record video calls on desktops and mobile. Yes! Promise is fulfilled as Skype Video Call Record feature is rolling out to mobile and desktops except Windows 10.

Video Call recording feature will come soon to windows 10 with latest version of Skype. The update soon hit the Microsoft Store and we will get the update being Windows 10 users.

Even windows insiders don’t have access to this feature as of now.

    Wish you could record your mom’s face when you give her the big news? What about capturing your study group’s deep discussions? With the latest updates to Skype (version 8), we are currently rolling out the ability to record your Skype calls directly in the app.

Once the users starts the recording during the call, everyone will get a notification about the start of call record. Skype will record everyone’s video, not just video but also any screens shared during the call.

At the end of the call user can save as well as share the video within next 30 days.

One can start the record anytime during a Skype call on mobile as well as desktop, to start the recording on desktop follow the below process –

  • At the bottom of the screen click the “+”sign
  • After that select “Start recording.

The process is similar to both desktop and mobile. On both desktop and mobile, a banner appears in your Skype screen letting everyone know you’ve started recording the call.

“After the call, the recording is finalized and then posted to your chat where it is available for 30 days.

You and everyone on the call can save the recording locally or share the recording to your contacts any time during the 30 days,” the company said in a statement. To save a call on desktop, users can go to chat and click “More options”, and then select “Save to Downloads” to save to the downloads folder.

Users can also select “Save as” and navigate to the folder where they want it saved.

The recording will be saved as an MP4 file. On mobile, just tap and hold the recorded call in the chat. When the menu is displayed, tap Save. The recording will automatically download and save to device’s camera roll as an MP4 file.

One can also share the recorded calls directly from the chat. On desktop, click “More options” and then select “Forward.” “When the Forward Message box is displayed, you can send to all the suggested contacts who you want to share the recorded call with.

To share a call recording on mobile, tap and hold the recorded call and then tap ‘Forward’,” the company added. When the “Forward Message” box is displayed,

users can select the contacts who they want to share the recorded call with and tap “Send.”

Source – Skype Support

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