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Skype Milestone – Hits 1 billion downloads on Android (Google Play Store)

We at WebIT MAN call it Skype Milestone

Skype Milestones’ What it is? Actually Skype has joined Google Play’s exclusive 1 billion download club,

becoming one of only a handful of Android apps to reach the magic milestone.

It’s worth noting here that this figure doesn’t equate to one billion users on Android. Given that people can download an app and may never use it as well as just uninstall it.

Indeed, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed last March that Skype had around 300 million monthly active users across all platforms. With rival services such as WhatsApp, Hike and Facebook Messenger growing in popularity.

It’s unlikely Skype’s MAU number will have risen significantly.


Moreover, the 1 billion number relates specifically to Google Play downloads — Skype can be downloaded through other app stores also so it’s really difficult to get exact number on Skype’s popularity on Android.

Still, very few apps notch up 1 billion downloads at all, let alone on a single platform, so it’s a notable milestone for a service that helped popularize VoIP communications when it launched to the public on desktop computers way back in 2003.

Popular Google apps, including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, have all long passed 1 billion downloads on Google Play.

Facebook became the first non-Google service to hit the landmark number when it passed the milestone in 2014.

A year later, Facebook’s WhatsApp also notched up a billion Android downloads, followed by Facebook Messenger a few months later.

So Microsoft is effectively now the third company to boast an app with this (Skype Milestone) of more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play.

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