How to Send and Reply to Android SMS with Windows 10 Phone App
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How to Send and Reply to Android SMS with Windows 10 Phone App

RS5 Build 17755 for Windows Insiders in Fast Ring brings support to send or reply to Android SMS with Windows 10 Phone App. Yes! The ability to send and reply to SMS from your Windows 10 PC is back and this time through Phone App and this time you can also reply to your Android Phone SMS also.

Earlier also Windows 10 had this ability and that time it was via integration using Cortana and Message app itself, which later discontinued.

It was announced on Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar on the official blog as well as on twitter –

Hi we have released RS5 Build 17755 to the Fast ring!

Oh and we’ve updated the Your Phone app to add SMS from your Android phone!

Dona Sarkar - Twitter

Previously the Phone App was only able to view photos and that came with Windows Insiders Build 17728.

Your Phone app now gives you instant access to your most recent photos and texts from your Android phone. Snap a pic on your Android, see it on your PC. It’s just easier.

Text your friends, group message, and type with a keyboard—Your Phone app allows you to view, send, and receive the SMS from your Android, on your computer.

Microsoft Official Blog

Not just android but iPhone messages can also be replied through Windows 10 Phone App.

One should link android phone to windows 10 pc through Phone App, once you get to the Phone app it will try to connect your android smartphone.

Below is the process posted on how to connect your android smartphone with windows 10 PC.

Once the process starts,

A text message can be sent from windows 10 pc containing a link to download app on your android smartphone.

Go to the play store and download the app namely – ” Microsoft Apps

After installation of the app on your android smartphone, follow the process to complete the setup – see the process below.

Connecting Android App to Windows 10 PC

I have also connected my Vivo V9, An Android Smartphones with my Windows 10 PC – See Screenshot of that below.

Right now one can only add one phone and multiple smartphone adding ability is not yet here.

It will come up soon with later builds as mentioned in the screenshot as well.

We will also come up with iPhone version of the tutorial soon, connecting our iPhone to Windows 10 PC.

The app was shown in action by Jen Gentleman who is Community Manager at Microsoft Shell Team, See below tweet from her –

What you think of the ability of sending text or reply to Android SMS with Windows 10 phone App? Well as before m loving this and will regularly use it.

Share your views in comments for more fixes and changes coming with update – RS5 Build 17755.

More For Windows Insiders Program – 

Source – Windows Blog

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