This Diwali Enjoy the Music of Old Hindi Songs instead of Painful Cracker’s Noise

Diwali is coming and everybody is ready with offers and special services so as Saregama Carvaan. So this Diwali enjoy old hindi songs with Saregama Carvaan Gold instead of Painful Craker’s Noise.

In today’s time having a radio in one’s home has become rare, as we all know that there was a time when it used to be a trend of our society and even it was the first digital medium of distance communication.

It has not been so much time when Saregama Carvaan came and we came back to that old day of radio. The radio had disappeared from our homes.

But Saregama patched up us with those old songs that has broken year ago. Saregama Carvaan Radio is being liked very much in India. In such a way, the premium audio quality in the radio will be closer to the hearts of the people.

Now here is another time to thanks Saregama and Harman Kardon. since India’s audio company Saregama has launched the new Carvaan Gold radio. Its price is 14,990 rupees.

Saregama has also teamed up with Harmon Kardon, the world’s best audio brand. Both companies have partnerships to create a caravan range of new generation.

This is their first product. It has been properly presented before Diwali. This can be a great option to present as Diwali gift to your relatives. The radio is available in Champagne Gold and Rose Gold Colors.

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Before you purchase it we would tell you the specification of this –

1)The first feature of this high-end radio is its metallic design and equipped with Harmon Kardon’s world famous sound technology and speaker.

2) Caravan Gold has 5,000 old and hit melodious songs from Hindi films. They can be heard without any advertising chances straightened.

3) These songs are divided into more than 130 stations based on famous Bollywood singers and celebrities. You can also hear Nigme of celebrities like Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosale and Amitabh Bachchan on Caravan Gold.

5) When you also listen to the radio, Android and iOS users can enjoy these songs on their smartphones too. One can also download the songs on their smartphones. The radio can also connect to a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and USB port.

6) On single charging the radio can be heard for 5 hours continuously.

This is worth to tell you that before this, Saregama has also launched Carvaan premium worth of rupees 7,390 and now the new Carvaan gold is twice the price of caravan premium of Rs 7,390 i.e. 14,990 rupees.

Radio is now also available on the company’s official website.

If you buy it, then one year’s Doorstep warranty is available. For information, the partner company Harmon Carvaan is a subsidiary of South Korean giant smartphone maker Samsung.

Diwali enjoy old hindi songs with Saregama Carvaan Gold instead of Painful Craker’s Noise

Written by Sarita Pandey
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