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Realme 2 Pro Slow Motion Video Recording Coming With OTA in Q1 2019

Realme 2 Pro Slow Motion Video Recording is finally coming to users in Q1 of 2019. Not only RM2 Pro old devices Realme 2, Realme C1 & Upcoming Realme U1 may also get the same.

The Smartphone maker is providing well support for their old devices as well as is updating new devices to latest OS Updates. Realme 2 Pro just got ColorOS 5.2 update yesterday and is also regular in providing updates based on users feedback.

Just a day back one user had asked for slow motion video recording for Realme 2 pro users and got the reply from Madhav Sheth about the same being noted down.

A day later they add it to the future feature update list, which is really great to know.

Here is what Madhav Sheth tweets about Realme 2 Pro Slow Motion Video Recording – 

Realme 2 Pro will feature slow motion video with an OTA in Q1 2019. Other Realme devices are being taken into consideration.

Realme will also unlock the bootloader for Realme 2 Pro as well as Realme 1 in first quarter of 2019. Below is what Madhav Sheth also tweets on kernel source release –

Straight from the meeting room: RM will unlock the bootloader and release the kernel source for RM1 as well in first quarter of 2019, RM2pro BL unlocking have been confirmed already.

Both of these are the most requested features everybody wanted from Realme & finally its arriving.

What you think about the great support these devices are enjoying as well as the support these companies are providing to the same. We do appreciate it and it’s nice to see Realme even supporting Realme 1 with latest OS updates.

We have also a editorial on the updates for Realme Devices, Also read our editorials –

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