OPPO R17 PRO Launch Date fixed for November 22
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OPPO R17 PRO Launch Date fixed for November 22 – Full Specifications, Price & Availability

OPPO Malaysia is getting ready with another smartphones under OPPO R Series – The OPPO R17 Pro launch date is fixed for November 22.

The price, sale date and availability will be known once it unveils on November 22 Event.

The launch date was announced with showing off at the grand KL Tower in Malaysia, it really looks awesome – have a look at below images coming from Official Twitter Account.

The projection of OPPO R17 Pro on KL Tower has marked its arrival in Malaysia officially on 22/11, 7:20pm.

Stay tuned to our live stream of the launch on Facebook and YouTube!

Check out the magical moment if you missed it. #OPPOR17Pro #SeizeTheNight

Courtesy - OPPO MalaysiaCourtesy - OPPO MalaysiaCourtesy - OPPO Malaysia
Below are the OPPO R17 PRO Launch Date in Malaysia.
OPPO R17 PRO OPPO R17 PRO Launch Date
Launch Date November 22
Country Malaysia

OPPO R17 Pro will also feature Dewdrop Display as confirmed by images coming from OPPO Malaysia official twitter account. You can also have a look at some of the images of OPPO R17 Pro, coming from OPPO Malaysia –

Courtesy - OPPO MalaysiaCourtesy - OPPO Malaysia

Are you interested in purchasing OPPO R17 Pro? Stay tuned for more details on the smartphone coming from the launch on November 22, We will also tweet and update this once the smartphone is launches with full specifications.

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Below is a video coming from OPPO and it mentions how OPPO R Series came into emergence and various variants of OPPO R Series till date –

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