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OnePlus Vs Apple ? Clash Avoided by Oneplus, New OnePlus 6T Launch Date Announced

As the flagship maker was getting ready with the OnePlus 6T Global Launch, Apple announced it’s event on the same date. So is OnePlus Vs Apple Event happening?

Well No! OnePlus has changed the OnePlus 6T Launch date from October 30 to October 29 Now.

Yes! Oneplus 6T will now launch on October 29 instead of October 30.

The clash was never planned and it was not going to happen anyways but just that Apple announced its launch event and OnePlus now don’t want the clash and has made a shift in the launch date for US.

A lot has changed in the past 24 hours. When we announced the launch of the OnePlus 6T on October 8, we were convinced our timing would allow us to maximize the amount of people we could reach with our message.

That changed when Apple announced they would be hosting their own event on October 30. We know the entire industry and all media will be holding their breath.

So, imagine how we felt when we learned the date of their latest event. One minute, we were preparing for our greatest and most exciting launch event yet. 

What you think of this move by OnePlus? Is the change in launch date is going to do any good? Also share your views and are you going to OnePlus 6T US launch?

We have only just begun our journey and cannot afford to let one of the most important products in our history be affected by another great product launch.

So after deep reflection, we have decided to move the OnePlus 6T Launch Event in New York City to October 29.

We will also keep you all updated with all you need to know – Read Full Announcement hereWe at WebIT MAN are also following closely the launch of OnePlus 6T not just India, but it’s Global availability as well.

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