Official teasers released - Oneplus 6T Release date still unknown
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Oneplus 6T Release date still unknown but teasers confirm In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

OnePlus has released various teasers for upcoming flagship but Oneplus 6T release date is still unknown, some leaks do confirm October 16 launch.

Yes! We have seen various teases which confirm in-display fingerprint scanners and much more for upcoming OnePlus 6T.

We are still waiting on the official date to be announced for OnePlus 6T. Oneplus has also come up with The Lab for OnePlus 6T Edition and are also looking for  reviewers.

Not one but various teasers from Official Twitter account are coming and the audience is loving them, which should encourage Oneplus.

Not one but various teases are coming from Oneplus and we can assume that the release is not so far have a look at another teaser from Oneplus.

Here comes another teaser and this confirms the innovation of In-Display Sensor coming for OnePlus 6T, teasers are coming but Oneplus 6T release date is still not known to us.

A teaser page on Amazon has also came up as well as official TVC came featuring Bollywood Mega star Amitabh Bachchan.

We are following the teases as well as leaks for OnePlus 6T, read some of our stories – 

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