Unlock the Speed on October 30 - OnePlus 6T Launch Date Revealed, Get the Invitation Now
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Unlock the Speed from OnePlus – OnePlus 6T Launch Party on October 30

OnePlus has finally announced the launch date for OnePlus 6T, So Yes! Unlock the Speed on October 30. OnePlus 6T launch Party Invitation in Delhi, Indira Gandhi Stadium will go for sale from October 17.

Below are the teases from Oneplus 6T Launch Date.
Oneplus Oneplus 6T Launch Dates
Launch Date October 30
largest fan gathering Tickets Sale Date October 17

There is a great buzz in Social Media as well as Across the world for the Launch of OnePlus 6T. 

Join our largest fan gathering ever! Witness the unveiling of the OnePlus 6T at KDJW Stadium (inside Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex) in New Delhi on October 30.

Get your launch invitation on 10AM IST 17th October.

The invitation card sale for the largest fan gathering will start on October 17 from 10:00 AM and the attendees will also get an amazing experience plus some goodies.

  • Experience the OnePlus 6T
  • Meet the Community
  • Exclusive OnePlus Merchandise
  • Take home Bullets Wireless

Livestream for the biggest event ever will also on 8:30 PM IST 30th October and will livestream on OnePlus YouTube Channel.

Courtesy - OnePlus

Click here to book your ticket for Launch Party in Delhi

Click here to know full specification  as well as features of OnePlus 6T

SourcesOnePlus Website

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