Tap into the Future - Oneplus 6T launch date teased?
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#OnePlus6T – Tap into the Future, Oneplus 6T launch date teased?

Is Oneplus has revealed Oneplus 6T launch date? or is teasing the announcement? Less than 24 hours and we will know exactly what Oneplus has to share with us.

Below are the teases from Oneplus 6T Launch Date.
Oneplus Oneplus 6T Launch Dates
Expected Launch Date October 16
Announcement October 8

Oneplus has been teasing the launch of Oneplus 6T in the country but has not provided any concrete evidence on the launch date till now.

Now it is teasing an announcement for tomorrow with a below tweet –

We have covered various teases and what we should expect from Oneplus this time. It is nearly confirmed that it will be coming with a In Display unlock.

Official retail box of Oneplus 6T was also shown in one of the teases from Oneplus on Twitter have a look below, Tweet reads as –

Thoughtfully designed starting from the unboxing experience.

We can’t wait for you to discover all the ways we Never Settle.

Watch a story posted by Oneplus on their YouTube channel – which says to Tap Into the Future.

We are following the teases as well as leaks for Oneplus 6T launch date, read some of our stories – 

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