OnePlus 6T India launch happening Soon? #WebITMANRumors
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OnePlus 6T India launch happening soon? #WebITMANRumors

One Plus fans are eagerly waiting for new OnePlus Mobile, We have some good news for you. One plus going to launch its new flagship one plus 6T & OnePlus 6T India launch  may happen sooner then expected maybe next month? October!!

Rumors have there say, the leaked information of this latest device from OnePlus is going viral with its specification and price.

It is also worth to notice that in America its alleged price has been leaked. However it is not confirm that when it will be launched in America.

Some rumors also say it could be launched in October with American telecom T Mobile.

According to last report of one plus it was clearly said from the co-founder of one plus that the T version will come in the market only when it has some new technology to give customers.

It was also said that this device can be launched in October.

According to leaked information it is said that one plus 6T is named as A6013 in Russia. Actually whatever information we are giving is just a hint about one plus 6T.

As per the information what we got about one plus 6T can come with qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor , 64 GB internal storage with 8 GB RAM.

As far as the other specification is concerned its can come with be 6.4 inches display, 16 MP camera, 3500 mAh battery power. However it is not confirm that what would be the technology the co-founder was talking about.

What’s your say on upcoming smartphone from OnePlus? Is it true? Share your views in comments section.

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