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#WebITMAN Weekly Roundup – OnePlus 5T Launch & Google Pixel 2 buzzing fix

As this is a Sunday. We are here with Weekly Roundup – Last week we had covered how OnePlus 5T Launch happened making it a successor of OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5T is optimised for low-light and portrait photography. It also highly rated 16 + 20 MP cameras helps capturing crystal-clear shots. 

Google Pixel 2 as well as Google Pixel 2 XL owners are complaining of high – frequency noises coming from their flagships.

We also covered Project Brainwave from Microsoft – The ‘Project Brainwave’ uses the massive field-programmable gate array (FPGA) infrastructure which has been deployed by Microsoft over the past few years. It can processes requests as fast as it receives them with the help of ultra-low latency.

Below are the updates we made last week roundup – OnePlus 5T Launch.Get ready for OnePlus 5T Pop Up Delhi & Banglore Microsoft launches Project Brainwave for real-time Artificial Intelligence Google Pixel 2 Buzzing Sound to Be Fixed in an Upcoming Update The OnePlus 5T is available now! Get yours from Amazon & OnePlus Store

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