Notch Killer Oppo Find X Flagship Launched - Know Specifications, Price & Availability
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Notch Killer Oppo Find X Flagship Launched – Know Specifications, Price & Availability

The Notch Killer Oppo Find X Flagship – Which is A Panoramic Design, Out of the Ordinary is being launched Globally. 

What you Say? Will Pop-Up Camera will be the Next big thing in Smartphone? We have got Oppo Find X from Oppo which comes with Pop-Up Camera and it looks awesome.

The slick design and notch less display makes it just awesome. As smartphones dedicate more and more of the front of the device to screen pixels, the normal front-of-phone components like the camera, earpiece, and brightness sensors are starting to feel the squeeze.

The big trend for 2018 is to copy Apple and go with a notched design.

It pushes the display all the way up to the corners of the device, but then cuts a chunk out of the display for the components.

It’s hard to see these non-rectangular screens as anything other than a temporary solution, and OEMs are already coming up with ways to work around a notch design.

Notch Killer Oppo Find X Flagship Launched in Paris – Watch Video from the event

The Oppo Find X isn’t a silly concept – this is a real phone that is really going to be for sale.

Oppo is greatly expanding its distribution with this device, and it will launch in Asia, Europe, and North America.

For specs, you’re looking at a high-end device with a Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage as well as 3730mAh battery. It also comes with Android 8.1 and Oppo’s “ColorOS” skin, plus the phone will participate in the Android P beta. The price is high-end too: €999, or about $1,157.

The first release will happen some time in August, but Oppo hasn’t said if that’s for all territories or just its home country of China.

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