No Realme 2 Pro Price Hike in India Even After Realme C1 & Realme 2 Price Hikes
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No Realme 2 Pro Price Hike in India Even After Realme C1 & Realme 2 Price Hikes

The CEO in India of Realme has announced that there will be no Realme 2 Pro price hike in India even after Realme C1 & Realme 2 price hikes.

Realme Blue Variants of Realme 2 Pro, which are in high demand will also remain same as before. Yes! This confirms that Realme has came up with a hike in the price of Realme C1 & Realme 2.

The smartphones will be up for sale starting on November 12 after the price hike and below is the sale date and new prices of Realme C1 & Realme 2.

This is what Madhav Sheth has to say about the hike in the price –

Such a hard decision to make. We’ve always believed in offering the power & style with a very low margin, due to currency rate factor which is beyond our control,

we will have to slightly increase the price of Realme 2 & Realme C1 so that we deliver you the best in the long run.

Courtesy - Madhav Sheth [ Twitter ]

So if you are looking to purchase Realme smartphone and that too Realme 2 Pro, there is no effect of this change but if you had your eye on Realme C1 or Realme 2 then get ready to shed away some more bucks.

There will be no hike in price of other smartphones rather than Realme C1 or Realme 2 is confirmed by below tweet from Madhav Sheth.

If you have read the above image you should know the price, still we are putting up with the updated price & sale dates of Realme smartphones.

No Realme 2 Pro Price Hike, Learn More about the change 
Realme Model Name  Price Before Hike Price After Hike Next Sale Date Link to Purchase
Realme 2 Pro ₹ 13,990/- ₹ 13,990/- November 16 Flipkart Exclusive
Realme C1 ₹ 6,999/- ₹ 7,999/- November 12 Flipkart Exclusive
Realme 2 ₹ 8,990/- ₹ 9,499/- November 13 Flipkart Exclusive

Now, you also know the price change! Are you still planning to buy the smartphones? Below Editorials may help you doing the same –

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