Microsoft Targets Healthcare Transformation
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Microsoft Targets Healthcare Transformation through Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Solutions

Microsoft has came up with wide range of solutions with which Microsoft targets healthcare transformation with the use of artificial intelligence and cloud. This aims to accelerate innovation within healthcare, to provide better treatment for patients through AI and Cloud Computing. The technology ahs already had a huge impact in healthcare, with Microsoft contributing to that.

AI has also been used to help diagnose patients, as well as assisting doctors in performing surgery as well as carrying out various tests.

Microsoft will also work alongside the most profound players in the healthcare industry, to bring its capabilities to the research and development stage.

The projects and solutions Microsoft has announced firstly include an AI network specifically for healthcare, in partnership with Apollo Hospitals. The new network expands the Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eye care, to help create an AI-focused network in cardiology.

Microsoft Targets Healthcare Transformation for which Azure platform will help carry out two projects.

The first is Microsoft Genomics, which will enable both researchers and clinicians with accelerated, cloud-powered genomic processing services to help handle large workloads.

The second will be a security and compliance blueprint for Health Data and AI. The end-to-end application solution provides a secure and automated foundation for clinicians, aiming to help build applications that manage sensitive data. Therefore, it helps to assist health organisations with their migration to the cloud, bringing more simplicity, compliance, security and industry-standard compatibility.

Microsoft said: “Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person as well as organisation to achieve more, and with that in mind.

Our ambition is that innovators will be able to use AI and the cloud to unlock biological insight and break data from silos for a truly personal understanding of human health and in turn, also enable better access to care, lower costs and improved outcomes.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is the backbone of the projects by which Microsoft Targets Healthcare Transformation.

Cloud computing also allows for more powerful as well as flexible technology tools, but tight laws around patient privacy have traditionally slowed down or prevented healthcare organisations from taking full advantage of cloud tech.

      In the U.S., the rules for patient data privacy come from the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA.

Cloud computing and machine learning both underpin EmpowerMD, which Lee described as a “learning platform” that allows providers to build smart tools to help in a doctor’s day-to-day work. “It’s in the ambient environment in the exam room, and it listens to the doctor-patient encounter and learns from that,” Lee said.Microsoft launches Project Brainwave for real-time Artificial Intelligence“Then on top of that platform, you can build lots of different kinds of applications.”

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