Microsoft OneNote Update Brings Live Tiles, Transparency And Much More
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Microsoft OneNote Update Brings Live Tiles, Transparency And Much More

Finally Microsoft OneNote Update brings the support for Live Tiles as well as many more new features.

Transparency Tiles are the main attract for Windows 10 Tiles System and most of us love them. This update is available for Both Insiders as well as non Insiders running latest windows 10 official Update.

Microsoft OneNote Update Brings Live Tiles As well as Transparency Feature

Systems running production builds of Windows 10 are getting an update to OneNote version 16.0.10325.20049, which includes the said transparent version of the live tile.

This also means that the tile should be looking much better in the Windows 10 Start menu. Previously the OneNote App was using a solid color background.

Additionally, this version introduces a new option to pin a New Page to the Start menu to access it much faster.

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An Online Video button is added to ribbon in Insert tab, which helps embedding videos faster in your notes.

Microsoft has also updated paste options to let users decide if they want to keep source formatting. It also helps to choose if you want to merge formatting or if want to keep the text.

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