Microsoft Launcher 5 for Android brings timeline Support and improved UI and much more
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Microsoft Launcher 5 for Android brings timeline Support and improved UI and much more

Every Microsoft fan using an Android smartphones has Microsoft launcher as it brings microsoft services closer to your phone. Now Microsoft has came up with timeline support with Microsoft Launcher 5.

Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Launcher 5.0 for Android Smartphones during it’s Surface Event.

Coming to update, Now your Feed is also divided into three sections – Glance, News and Timeline. Support for the timeline, a relatively recent Windows 10 feature and came earlier this year only.

Timeline will also help you keep your activity synced across your devices and continue where you left off.

You can also customize the News tab to focus on your favorite topics and nix those you’re not so interested in. Glance more or less supplants the old Feed page with a fresh look. It offers information from your calendar and recent activity, while you can add widgets and move items around as needed.

Launcher can also integrate with WhatsApp and provide real-time translations on your conversations with SwiftKey. The update also includes some Family Safety features.

The 5.0 update will be available Tuesday for beta users, and should be publicly available over the next few weeks as reported by Android Central.

The Microsoft Launcher 5.0 also brings improved UI and much more to your android smartphone.

You can also grab it on Google Play now.

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We have released various editorials on the launches from Surface Event of Microsoft.


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