Microsoft Edge Goes Chromium Way, Coming Soon to Windows 7, 8 & Mac
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Microsoft Edge Goes Chromium Way, Coming Soon To Windows 7, 8 & Mac

Ever Since Microsoft Edge came with Windows 10, Every Windows 7 or Windows 8 Users wanted it to be for them also. Now as Microsoft Edge Goes Chromium Way,

It is finally coming not only for Windows 7 or 8 but also for Mac Users also, Not only this Microsoft is inviting people to becomes Microsoft Edge Insiders. There were rumors and articles all around the world but now finally Joe Belfiore / Corporate Vice President has announced that Microsoft is going Chromium Way Now.

Here is what he writes up in his blog post about Microsoft Edge Goes Chromium Way – 

For the past few years, Microsoft has meaningfully increased participation in the open source software (OSS) community, becoming one of the world’s largest supporters of OSS projects.

Today we’re announcing that we intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers.

It’s not that Edge is not Opensource, on Mobile front it was opensource from start and not it will open up for Desktop Version.

Now this will also help Microsoft rolling out updates for Microsoft Edge not as previously when it got updated with Windows 10 OS Updates.

Here is what Microsoft’s motive is behind making Microsoft Edge Open Source – 
Microsoft Edge Goes Chromium Way

1. We will move to a Chromium-compatible web platform for Microsoft Edge on the desktop. Our intent is to align the Microsoft Edge web platform simultaneously (a) with web standards and (b) with other Chromium-based browsers.

This will deliver improved compatibility for everyone and create a simpler test-matrix for web developers.

2. Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence. We also expect this work to enable us to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS. Improving the web-platform experience for both end users and developers requires that the web platform and the browser be consistently available to as many devices as possible.

To accomplish this, we will evolve the browser code more broadly, so that our distribution model offers an updated Microsoft Edge experience + platform across all supported versions of Windows, while still maintaining the benefits of the browser’s close integration with Windows.

3. We will contribute web platform enhancements to make Chromium-based browsers better on Windows devices. Our philosophy of greater participation in Chromium open source will embrace contribution of beneficial new tech, consistent with some of the work we described above.

We recognize that making the web better on Windows is good for our customers, partners and our business – and we intend to actively contribute to that end.

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Head down to Microsoft Official Blog –

Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration

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Source – Windows Blog

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