Masterstroke 3 - 700000 POCO F1 Units Sold, Another POCO India Milestone
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Masterstroke 3 – 700000 POCO F1 Units Sold, Another POCO Global Milestone

Finally all three Masterstrokes are out from POCO India – Huge Discount of Rs 5000/-, POCO Community and Now a Milestone of 700000 POCO F1 Units sold in last three months.

Everyone expected out of the box and we also wanted a POCO F2 launch announcement from POCO India, but this is also none lesser and great achievement from POCO Global. Have you got it right?

We have not and there is no shame in it, Even POCO F1 Pie Update rollout date is also not announced.

Here is what POCO India also tweets on Milestone of 700000 POCO F1 Units Sold,

Here comes the final masterstroke of the !

We are super pumped to announce that we have sold 700k units of across the globe. Thank you POCO fans for the love and support you have shown to us.

So what you think of these masterstrokes from POCO? What if they again do it in future? What you will also expect?

Also share your views on these Masterstrokes and future one’s?

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POCO Masterstroke 3 700K Units Sold

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