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Lumia Unlocker Tool WPInternal Upgraded To Version 2.4 With Fixes

Are you Aware with Lumia Unlocker tool WPInternal?

      It enables root access as well as unlocking Boot Loader for Windows Phone?

In recent times, Various leaks pops up showing Windows RT on Lumia 640 XL and others feature enabling tricks like LED notifications; Upgrading unsupported Lumia from WP 8.1 to W10M etc.

WPInternal V2.3 was suffering from some bugs and errors in unlocking new Lumia devices like 950 as well as 950XL. WPInternal developer @Heathcliff74XDA identified those issues and released a new upgrade to mind-blowing tool which unleashes full power of Lumia hardware.

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Lumia Unlocker Tool WPInternal Upgraded with some Major Bug Fixes and New Tools mentioned below:

  • Disabling Root Access could result in a BSOD on some phones.
  • Unlocking the bootloader on some Lumia 950’s and 950 XL’s could result in a BSOD on the phone. Windows Phone internals detected this and reverted the changes. This version will prevent this situation and should unlock all Lumia 950’s and 950 XL’s correctly now.
  • Sometimes the driver for mass storage mode fails to start properly on PC. This could stall the unlock process of Windows Phone Internals. This version properly detects the failing driver, reverts the changes as well as informs the user. The user can retry to unlock the phone after the phone booted properly again.
  • The command-line interface of WPinternals.exe is working properly now.
  • The “Restore bootloader” function can now properly restore the original bootloader, when the unlock process was interrupted for some reason.
  • While scanning for a flashing profile, Windows Phone Internals could also end up interrupting the process due to an exception. The exception is handled properly and the process should finish correctly now.
  • Reset Protection Protection: The Reset Protection Response Data is backed up when the bootloader is unlocked. And it is restored when you restore the bootloader. [ Experimental ]
  • Regression bug: Restore Bootloader was not working properly anymore on Lumia x2x devices.

Warnings - Lumia Unlocker Tool WPInternal
After unlocking the bootloader, the iris scanner also does not work anymore on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. This is a limitation of SecureBoot Unlock v2.

SecureBoot Unlock v2 also removes all policies and this also disables the iris scanner.

Windows Hello also does not work properly anymore. Restoring the bootloader can also fix the problem. 

Due to the complexity of SecureBoot Hack v2, unlocking mounted ROM images is only possible for Lumia’s with bootloader Spec A.

For Lumia’s with bootloader Spec B you can create Custom ROM’s with Root Access using the “Build and capture” technique, as described on the Getting started page.

Windows Phone Internals version 2.4 can also be downloaded from here. Enjoy..!! 🙂

For more tricks and Hacks tutorial relevant to Windows Phone using Lumia Unlocker Tool WPInternal.

We will also provide with a Editorial on – How to Upgrade unsupported Lumia to Windows 10 Mobile. (Coming this Weekend)

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