Learn with Google AI, Launches a Website from Google – Universal Study Center
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Learn with Google AI, Launches a Website from Google – Universal Study Center

Learn with Google AI, where Google provide set of Educational resources developed by various experts from Google which will help people in learning various rigid concepts as well as how to apply artificial Intelligence (AI) in real-world problems.

New course has been introduced by Google “Learn With Google AI”,

which will bring machines learning skills as well as concepts for all users.

Course page mentions that the user must have a mastery of introductory level of algebra, and this includes variables & coefficients, linear equations, graphs of functions as well as histograms.

    Our engineering education team originally developed this fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning fundamentals for Googlers.

Google’s mission is also to use AI in all aspects of life, including healthcare, finance, retail, and education. According to Google, AI can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries. It also means “it is crucial that AI reflects a diverse range of human perspectives and needs”.

So, Google AI is making it easier for everyone to learn ML by providing a huge range of free, in-depth educational content.

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