Outlook Mobile Gets Major Redesign on iOS with Version 3.0
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Outlook Mobile Gets Major Redesign on iOS Devices with Version 3.0

Microsoft is bringing major redesign for iOS Outlook Mobile App with version 3.0, it will help getting thing easier and faster. Updated Outlook Mobile App 3.0 comes with redesigned avatars, optimized swipe and scroll usability.

Which can also help users in getting this done faster then ever.

Here’s what Jon Friedman, the chief Designer at Office has to say about the iOS Mobile Outlook App 3.0 Redesign –

Design is becoming the heart and soul of Office, something reflected in the Office 365 user experience updates announced this summer and the new icons we revealed last week.

Outlook mobile will be among the first app to adopt its new icon, and, much like the entire Office 365 suite, design thinking and craftsmanship have been driving Outlook mobile forward.

It’s a key reason why we’ve exceeded more than 100 million iOS and Android devices and our app store ratings are consistently above 4.5.

Microsoft has also came up with redesign for MS Office Icon’s Read more on that from here – Meet New Office 365 Icons, They Are Awesome 💙

Have a look at below video from Microsoft, which visualizes the same – 
There are some core mobile first design principles which further provides development –
  • Deliver uncompromised craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Create fast and focused experiences.
  • Provide key context at a glance.

This update brings bold colors in headers, which provides more vibrant user experience. This will also help users to quickly switch between apps and recognize them well.

Here’s what Microsoft has to say on this –

A strong app header with bold color and typography helps you easily find your way to Outlook while rapidly switching between monochromatic apps to quickly complete your task and get back to what matters.

With this iOS Outlook Mobile refresh, it also brings improved the usability of more experiences. Focused Inbox toggle and message list filtering experience provides clear content and accounts filters. Below is what Microsoft says about it –

If you’re a single account user, the app is personalized with your avatar. If you have multiple accounts and calendars added to the app, new account icon cues help you easily switch between them.

Bright, bold avatars are also added to your contacts, so you’ll instantly recognize senders in the message, top contacts in search, and attendees in meeting invites.

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