Huawei Mate P20 Pro Powered by KIRIN 980 Processor coming in October - #HigherIntelligence
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Huawei Mate P20 Pro Powered by KIRIN 980 Processor coming in October – #HigherIntelligence

Huawie, which promises to destroy snapdragon processors is set for World’s first 7mm think mobile AI Chipset, KIRIN 980 Processor  is set to launch Huawie Mate P20 Pro.

Powered by Thinnest Mobile Processor KIRIN 980, The Huawei Mate P20 Pro is on the way and it will launch in an event on October 16 in London, UK.

Beyond Consistency, Beyond Horizon, Beyond Intelligence and then tagged as #HigherIntelligence is coming in October.

below is also a tweet from Huawie Twitter about the emergence of Huawei Mate P20 Pro

Thank you for supporting us as innovators. See you in London. 16.10.18 #HigherIntelligence #HUAWEIMate20

Huawie - Twitter

As claimed by Huawei, KIRIN is world’s first 7nm mobile phone SoC chipset, it is also based on cortex-A76 architecture chipset. It is also the first mobile processor to support LTE Cat.21.

Below is also the quote from Official Huawie web blog on KIRIN 980.

The Kirin 980 integrates 6.9 billion transistors in an area of less than 1 square centimeter which is a 1.6x fold increase in density* to empower better performance.

This chipset is the first Cortex-A76 based in the world and has a 75% improvement in single core performance*. The Kirin 980 also includes the world’s first commercial use Mali-G76 GPU performance is improved by 46%*.

The LPDDR4X memory operates at speeds up to 2133 MHz. The fourth-generation ISP utilises a multi-pass noise reduction to capture quality images and preserve important details.

This ISP also has a dedicated video pipeline to effectively improve video clarity and reduce shooting delays by 33%*.

Huawie Blog

Now coming back to Huawie Mate P20 Pro smartphone, below are the rumored specifications and features.

Here is a tweet from Huawie Mobile about the upcoming launch of Mate P20 Pro.

Do follow and we will also bring live updates from the launch and availability – @iwebitman

Source – Huawie

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