Huawei distributes free power banks outside Apple Stores in Singapore
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Huawei distributes free power banks outside Apple Stores in Singapore

No one stops trolling apple for the battery life of iPhones and how can Huawei stay behind. Huawei distributes free power banks outside apple stores in Singapore as customers were queuing overnight for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Apple Inc, opened up the sales for iPhone XS as well as iPhone XS Max at various Apple Stores. Queuing up of customers outside Apple Stores, It happens every year.

The distribution of Power banks also happened outside Apple Orchad Road Store in Singapore. The Chinese smartphone maker’s power bank box also stated ‘Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.’

The marketing strategy also had executives wearing Huawei T-shirts handing out the smartphone accessory.

It’s not the first time Huawei has done it, it’s second after the launch of iPhones and Apple Watch at Apple Event. Before this Huawei also tweeted about the consistency of iPhones, taking a dig at Apple Inc.

What you think of this as Marketing campaign by Huawei Mobile? Also share your views in comments and the best ones will get to feature at WebIT MAN News.

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