Smartphones to get Regular Android Updates Says Google
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Google Updates Contracts for Android Devices – Now Smartphones will Get Regular Android Updates

Google is updating it’s contracts for Android devices firstly we saw charges coming for Google apps on android devices in certain country. Now Google has made it compulsory for Android smartphone makers to deliver Regular Android Updates.

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Now Smartphones will Get Regular Android Updates

Now coming back to this story, Google has made it compulsory to push regular security updates to all kinds of Android phones. Android users have known the sad story of update rollout, not all the smartphones get updates. Major manufacturers such as Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, HTC, Huawei and others offer excellent hardware but struggle terribly when it comes to the rollout of regular updates.

The delay or ignorance in rolling out updates has often made the platform more prone to security threats. However, Google has been trying hard to reduce the plight that Android users face and therefore has updated its terms and condition of the Android license terms.

The Verge has also got hold of the latest terms and conditions of the Android license book, where it clearly states that all manufacturers using Android as the operating system will have to deliver regular updates to their devices for at least two years. Now going forward manufacturers also require to roll out at least four security updates within a year of the device’s launch.

For the second year, Google hasn’t laid out any particular time-frame, but manufacturers should also release patches for any security vulnerabilities that been detected and fixed by Google.

However, there are a lot of agreements to this contract. Google has made the following licence terms only for those devices that are popular, i.e. the particular model should at least touch the 100,000 sales mark. The terms only apply to devices that have been available after 31st January, 2018.

Additionally, there will also only be few devices that will be bound by the security agreement, which could eventually be only for premium devices and Google-branded devices.

Wonder what happens if manufacturers don’t comply? According to license terms, Google could be also  deny the approvals of future devices from the manufacturer, eventually preventing them from public release.

Now this  is some great efforts from Google and will help people stay updated with other devices.


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