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Google Chrome Revamps on 10th Anniversary – Jazzing up the look, Says Google

Google Chrome celebrates 10th Anniversary today and Google Chrome Revamps to the more simple, secure and faster Chrome with all the Google’s smarts built-in.

Chrome gets a revamp across all devices, on your iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows 10.

We already had posted about the tease from Google about the anniversary surprise.

Chrome tweets & deletes and again tweets with the update and reveals the Google surprise on Chrome’s 10th anniversary –

Pick a screen, any screen.

We’ve got something new for you, no matter where you use #GoogleChrome

Google Chrome - Twitter

Another tweet comes later with below quotes

We hit double digits! Thanks to all of you for making ’s last 10 years so awesome.

Google Chrome - Twitter

The Chrome new look is available across all platforms – On your desktop, Android smartphone or iOS ( Mac or iPhone), they all have the same look now coming with this update.

There are more rounded shapes, new icons as well as a new color palette comes to Google Chrome.

  • The shape of our tabs so that the website icons are easier to see, which makes it easier to navigate across lots of tabs.
  • On mobile, we’ve made a number of changes to help you browse faster, including moving the toolbar to the bottom on iOS, so it’s easy to reach. 
  • Vertical resize: No more glitches at the bottom of the frame.
  • And across Chrome, we simplified the prompts, menus, and even the URLs in your address bar.

With this Update, Chrome Toolbar provides access to all information saved to Google Account.

So if you are going through any purchase or just want to login to any of the social media, Google saved passwords, addresses and credit card numbers will be there and filled more accurately then ever.

So you get to do the things faster then ever.

Passwords syncs and yes! coming forward Chrome will generate a strong password, which can be used and then saved to your Google Account. Which is later available on laptops as well as phone device to get accessed.

Much more is coming in next few weeks as Google looks into the update and makes improvements, Google has launched an ad blocker to keep people safe from visiting or getting malicious and annoying ads.

It has also helped the move the web to https to keep people safe and secure online.

What you think of this update? What should Google Chrome should offer next? Share your views in Comments and we will feature the best one in our article.

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