Future Flagship Oppo Find X Launched In India
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Oppo Find X Launched In India as Flipkart Exclusive – Pre Order Starts from 25th July

The Future Flagship Oppo Find X Flagship – Which is A Panoramic Design, Out of the Ordinary is also being launched in India.

The smartphone features a pop-up camera, which it calls stealth 3D camera. It comes equipped with an 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory.

Oppo stood at the fourth position globally and acquired the second position in China last calendar year.

In India, it had 5.6% smartphone share in the first quarter of 2018, down from 9.9% share during a year earlier period.

The Chinese handset brand recently came up with its new online brand, Realme.

With it adopting “India-first approach” in a bid to garner a lion’s share in the country’s online channel. It also came with an exclusive partnership with online marketplace Amazon. Oppo Find X revealed as Flipkart exclusive and it’s first flash sale will happen on 3rd August, While Pre Order Starts 25th July.

It’s Priced at 59990/- and will be available exclusively on Flipkart.

OPPO Find X also has two innovative gradient colors – Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue, which gleam like a precious gemstone. 

In order to create the flow like gradient effect, Oppo has also used an innovative multifaceted color process.

It also makes the phone will shine elegantly at different angles.

Flipkart Exclusive

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