Fake Google Play Store app can spy and steal your data from Android Smartphone - #SecureData
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Fake Google Play Store app can spy and steal your data from Android Smartphone – #SecureData

Malware Alert : Android smartphone users are always on the verge of getting a malware or spyware on their smartphones. Fake google play store app emergence is noted recently, which can steal your banking data as well as spy on you.

Security researchers at Cisco Talos have encountered a new malware dubbed as GPlayed, which can trick users to install on their Android phone and lose sensitive data to hackers.

Fake Google Play Store app can spy and steal your data

What makes this malware extremely powerful is the capability to adapt after it’s deployed.Β In order to achieve this adaptability, the operator has the capability to remotely load plugins, inject scripts and even compile new .NET code that can be executed.

This malware has the capabilities to steal your data, banking data as well as can also track your location.

There is not so much difference between the original play store icon and the torzon one, so if you are not able to differentiate that you may become the victim of this.

Have a look at the below image and it contains the Original one as well as GPlayed malware icon.

Image Courtesy - Ibtimes

GPlayed is not live in Google Play Store as it’s not finalized and is on final stages of testing. Despite Google taking stringent measures to control the flow of Android malware to the Play app store, it is not able to detect Trojan malware hidden in legitimate apps.

One should be careful before installing any such kind of apps, One should always install verified apps on smartphones to avoid loosing data or getting hacked.

We have also came up with various stories of recent data breach across world –

What you think of this? Share your views in comments.

Also what you think of the cyber security in India?Β Are we or our data really secured Online?

Source – Ibtimes

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