Dell Visor Mixed Reality

Dell Visor – Virtual Reality Headset by Dell

Last week we shared how Google wants to control your dream as well as how Facebook launched their own VR HeadsetOculus Go. Now Dell has also announced their vision towards Mixed Reality with the availability of Dell Visor.

Through the Dell Visor headset and one of our compatible Windows 10 PC’s you now have access to Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality platform,

Blending the physical world with the digital world to create a variety of gaming and lifestyle experiences.

As of now it will only be available in US being available on 200 U.S. Best Buy stores. One can also have demo including 360 degree video as well as more.

Dell Visor headset

Ah, the thrill of a first. Remember your first bicycle, or skateboard, or scooter? The rush of the wind, that incredible sense of freedom? We’re having one of those seminal moments right now with the imminent release of the Dell Visor.

Dell’s first-ever mixed reality headset for the Windows Mixed Reality (MR) platform.

At computex 2017, Dell provided people with a peek at their own headset design. It is done in partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft is working with other’s as well, Samsung has Samsung Oddessy as well as HTC and Oculus.

The Dell Visor is available for pre-order today on as well as in the US and and PC World in the UK. The Dell Visor will start shipping globally on Oct. 17.

Which is just in time for the holidays at $349.99 USD (headset) and $99.99 USD (controllers), or $449.99 USD (headset and controllers kit).

The headset is sleek and stylish, with gorgeous white contours, complemented by the black handheld controllers. The flip-up visor is engineered for convenient transitions, but it’s a cool sensation just raising and lowering it, like a sleek pair of Ray-Bans.

Dell Visor is a super comfortable VR headset that should have good market presence.

Beyond looks and comfort, the Dell Visor offers an optimal mixed reality experience. Prepare to escape into amazing new worlds – and the digital office if you need – with an immersive, life-like, MR experience with high resolution of 1440 x 1440 per eye, dual 2.89” LCD panels and blazing refresh rate of 90Hz. The Fresnel lenses deliver a field of view of 110 degrees and a breathtaking 360 panoramic view.

Thanks to Dell’s partnership with Microsoft, the Dell Visor also takes advantage of the same technology used in the Microsoft HoloLens including 6-DoF, inside-out tracking, with the headset itself able to scan your surroundings instead of satellite emitters positioned inside the room.

Meaning that it takes less time and no equipment for set up, so you can immerse yourself in mixed reality experiences right away.


Speaking of Gameplay,

you can access games and other MR content via the Windows Store at launch and Steam Store in the future.

The Dell Visor is compatible with many Windows Mixed Reality PCs including Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptops and Inspiron Gaming Desktops. If you are planning to pair your Dell Visor with an existing PC.

Dell recommends a laptop or desktop that meets the Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PC specifications as they offer greater intensity and a broader selection of experiences. Check the Microsoft blog for more details.

The VR market is young but ready to rock, expected to grow to more than 215 million active users by 2025. We’re thrilled to jump in at the water’s edge with the most VR-ready solutions of any PC company. Whether you’re a power gamer or a virtual beginner.

Dell wants to be your end-to-end technology partner offering you immersive experiences you will love. Let’s jump in together!


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