Become Microsoft Edge Insider, Build with Microsoft & Get Edge Dev Previews
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Become Microsoft Edge Insider, Build with Microsoft & Get Edge Dev Previews

As Microsoft Announces going Chromium Open Source Way for Microsoft Edge, It also comes up with Microsoft Edge Insider Program for Developers.

So Become Microsoft Edge Insider and get your hands on with early preview builds when they are available in early 2019. Here is what Joe Belfiore / Corporate Vice President, Windows has to say about Microsoft Edge Insider Program –

If you are a web developer, we invite you to join our community by installing preview builds when they’re available and staying current on our testing and contributions.

We expect to have a preview build ready in early 2019 for you to try for yourself.

Well, as said in blog don’t expect the preview build this year, as it may only come early 2019 only. But do Become Microsoft Edge Insider by going to this link – Edge Insider.

So if you are a part of Open Source community developers, Microsoft invites you to collaborate with them and build future of Microsoft edge. Below is what Joe adds to his blog post –

We invite you to collaborate with us as we build the future of Microsoft Edge and contribute to the Chromium project.

A few near-term examples will include continued work on ARM64 support, web accessibility, and taking advantage of other hardware features like touch support.

So are you looking to get on board & Become Microsoft Edge Insider?

Share your views in comments and let us know. If you have any questions you can also share and we will love to answer them.

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Source – Windows Blog

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