Apple's iPhone May Loose Indian Market After TRAI Regulations Update
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Apple’s iPhone May Loose Indian Market After TRAI Regulations Update

Use an iPhone? Well there is some bad news for you, iPhone May Loose Indian Market as there is a standoff between Apple and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The Tussle between them is going on from various months on implementing the regulations regards to installing DND app to report spam calls.

Apple has refused to let users install or get the regulation mandating app from TRAI in Apple Play Store.

Apple’s iPhone May Loose Indian Market

On Thursday, July 19, TRAI launched a new regulation mandating that all mobile phones come with an app to allow subscribers to report unwanted/spam calls and messages. TRAI has given companies six months to comply, with warnings of serious consequences.

TRAI had launched a DND app for Android in 2017 that would do the job, but Apple put its foot down and refused to allow the app on the App Store, citing its privacy policy.

Apple has never allowed third-party apps to read a user’s call log and messages, and they also refused to make an exception for India.

Last month, Apple is also said to have filed an appeal to create as well as deploy its own app that would function similar to TRAI’s DND. TRAI is yet to approve the idea, which also leaves the company in a limbo.

The DND app also requires permission to read a user’s call log and incoming messages so that they can report, and TRAI can track promotional and spam messages/calls. Google has complied with the order, but Apple has several reservations since it blankly refuses access to certain data.

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