Apple Watch Saves Life, Deanna’s Smart Watch Caught the Serious Medical Condition
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Apple Watch Saves Life, Deanna’s Smart Watch Caught the Serious Medical Condition

The Apple Watch Saves Life, Yes! You heard it Right! Deanna Recktenwald and athlete from florida. She is a Volleyball player, cheerleaders as well as has done gymnastics as well and that too from the age of 5.

She was as a church, Recktenwald and that’s when her Apple Watch alerted her of her heart rate getting spiked to 190. Listening to that her family was naturally skeptical and rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where she was admitted later.

At Hospital they did all sorts of labs and an EKG, but what they ended up coming back with was more than just a heart problem. It was something underlying that we didn’t know.

Various tests were done and as per analysis it was known that –

    She was in kidney failure. Her kidneys were only working at about 20 percent and we had no idea that they were failing.

After a biopsy, doctors determined that Deanna suffers from Alport syndrome, a genetic condition that causes the progressive loss of kidney function. And while the Apple Watch luckily alerted Deanna to the symptoms before she would have required emergency surgery, doctors say she will likely still need a kidney transplant in about five years.
Tom Recktenwald says the whole family is currently getting tested to see which, if any, of them are viable candidates.

I’m so thankful she had that Apple Watch on,

Deanna’s mother was also overcome with gratitude over the hand her daughter’s Apple Watch had played in saving her life. She searched the internet for an email address where she could thank Apple for what the watch had done, but her searches came up empty.

So, the Recktenwalds sent a thank you message to their local Apple store instead.

A Tweet from Cook also confirms the same –
     Stories like Deanna’s inspire us to dream bigger and push harder every day.
Deanna won’t be taking her Apple Watch off anytime soon though, What about your’s? Do you wear a smart watch?

Apple Watch Saves Life !! Do you pay attention to the data it records? You should provide us with your valuable views on this in comments..

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