Apple Special Event Scheduled for October 30 - Know what to expect from Apple
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Apple Special Event Scheduled for October 30 – Know what to expect from Apple

Power of Apple Special Event? Apple Inc, OnePlus changes OnePlus 6T launch in US to avoid the clash. That’s Apple Inc for you! Now focusing back on October 30 Event from Apple, lets discuss what we should expect from Apple this time around.

The Event will be streamed live as it happens in Brooklyn on October 30 at 10AM EDT. It will start at 7:30 PM IST if you are in India. Well after the grand launch of iPhones, Apple Next Generation Watch – Apple is ready with next generation iPad’s, Mac Computers and much more.

The Tech Giant from California is coming up with it’s biggest revamp to the iPad Pro since its emergence in 2015 and it will also launch a lower-cost MacBook Laptop as well as a new mac mini desktop.

The new iPads will have the features from the latest iPhones, which will bring Face ID as well as all-screen look for the first time in iPads. Apple is planning new iPad Pros in two screen sizes – 11 inches and 12.9 inches – that will both use facial recognition for unlocking, rather than a Home button with a fingerprint sensor.

Apple is busy with it’s schedule, we have already seen the launches of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max ₹ 100,999, and a new Apple Watch.

The iPhone XR, a lower-cost iPhone with a nearly all-screen front, goes on sale October 26.

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