Android Pie Beta program from Samsung coming this week
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Android Pie Beta Program from Samsung coming this week, Foldable Flagship Teased

Samsung which is teasing Foldable Mobile to be launched in 2019 as teased  Android Pie Beta program coming this week only.

Not only this but samsung has also teased the the upcoming Foldable flagship by change in it’s Facebook profile picture to foldable shape, have a look at below image from Samsung Mobile.

Courtesy : Samsung Mobile

The Galaxy S9 Pie beta program may also come up as soon as next week and is expected to come during Samsung’s 2018 Developer’s Conference scheduled to take place on November 7-8.

Below is a screenshot coming from Sam Mobile, which confirms the Beta Program from Samsung.

Courtesy - Sam Mobile

We will also keep you updated with the availability as well as price for the same. Meanwhile you can also readout our articles on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

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