6 New WhatsApp Features that suppose to indulge in 2019
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6 New WhatsApp Features that suppose to indulge in 2019, Get a Sneak Peek

Due to the increasing popularity of Whatsapp, day-to-day new Whatsapp features are being introduced. It has been reported in several reports that WhatsApp is about to bring six new and interesting features soon. According to the report, at present the beta version of these features has come and it is believed that the rollout will start in the first months of 2019. So let’s know who are those features.

Dark mode feature –

Whenever you make a chat with someone in the night, its illumination has a bad effect on your eyes. In such a way, after the Dark Mode feature has arrived on Whatsapp, you will get rid of it. After turning on this feature, background color will be black on Whatsapp. With this, users will be able to chat on the Whatsapp apparatus for a long time and they will not have any effect on their eyes.

Private reply feature –

After rollout of sticker feature on Whatsapp, the private reply feature is now going to start. Through this feature users will be able to reply to a private person in chat group chat. This will allow you to reply to any one of the users included in the group’s chat group without any other users. Under this feature, you can see the private reply option by clicking on three dot to view any message in the Whatsapp group. Please tell that this feature is currently in beta version.

Vacation mode feature –

As the name suggests, if you are away somewhere in the holiday or have gone somewhere and want to keep yourself away from the ringtone of the WhatsApp, then this feature will prove to be very useful. With this you will be able to refuse your vacation without any disturbance. Presently the testing of this feature is going on for both the Android and iOS platforms.The purpose of this feature is that if you want to be away from Whatsapp for a while then you can mute the convergence and then again you will be able to come back to your archive despite receiving a new message in the chat if you played the Whatsapp app. . This feature will be below the show preview option in the Whatsapp notification setting.

Linked Social Media Account –

This feature allows you to link your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to WhatsApp. This will mean that you will get notifications of all social media accounts in one place. The reason for adding this feature is not yet clear, but according to the information given by WABetaInfo, you will be able to recover your Facebook account from it. Apart from this, cross posting will also help, which can be beneficial for Whatsapp Business Account Holders.

Silent Mode Feature –

This feature has been rolled out for most Android users. This helps to hide the badge of mute chat. Appearing to have more messages on the Whatsapp app, it is quite confusing to see its notification repeatedly. In this case, this Silent mode will not show the notification of unlimited messages sent to your muted chat. This is the default feature, that means you do not need to turn it on in settings.

Inline image –

According to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing the inline image notification feature in Android beta version 2.18.291. However this feature will work only on Android 9.0 Pie or above version.

So are you also looking forwardΒ to these awesome features? Which is the feature you are looking forward to? Share in comments.

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