5G Smartphones from OnePlus Coming in 2019
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5G Smartphones from OnePlus Coming in 2019

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 is going on, where OnePlus CEO has apparently confirmed 5G Smartphones from OnePlus Coming in 2019.

The company which launched the OnePlus 6 flagship, is attending the event and CEO Pete Lau announced that the company is planning to launch its first 5G capable phone in 2019.

The Chinese smartphone maker also want to grow it’s market share in US and for which it will also partner US carriers for the release of its 5G-enabled device.

Talking to the media at MWC Shanghai, Lau said that the 2019 OnePlus phone will be 5G ready.

It also aligns with the expected timeline of the 5G rollout in the US and some other first-world countries.

For this to happen, the company will begin talks with major US carriers to a smooth release. The partnership will also expand the sale outlets for the OnePlus phones. The company currently sells its products via pop-up stores in the US, in addition to the online store.

As per a report by PCMag, that company is looking to grow in the US to reach a more user base.

In order to do that, the company is now relying on the partnerships with the carriers. As the  carriers have a better penetration among the mobile phone users in the country.

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